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Bad Breath

    • Suffering from bad breath? It’s usually due to a growth in bacteria or gum disease. Having a glass of water and a piece of fresh fruit in the morning can help combat the smell.


      • Temporary Crown comes off – use toothpaste to ‘re-cement’ it until you can come in to see us.

Pain Relief

      • Tylenol will help with pain relief; Ibuprofen helps with pain and inflammation

Dental Implants Information

      • Nobel Smile – for more information on Dental Implants

Healthy foods for you and your mouth

      • PearlyWhytes – 17 Foods for Healthy Teeth and Gums – Number Eight is Delightfully Shocking

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For three weeks after the procedure, it is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to perform exercises after each feeding to ensure the tongue/lip tie does not grow back.
For tongue-tie frenectomies this is done by placing the index fingers on each side of the tongue and gently opening the diamond-shaped area with sufficient pressure to totally reopen the surgical site. Some bleeding may occur when placing finger pressure if the site is allowed to heal together. This is not a concern.
For lip-tie frenectomies, elevate the upper lip until it touches the nose, or depress the lower lip using enough pressure to visualize the surgical site.
Your lactation consultant may also have suggestions for post-operative care and proper breast feeding.
A great resource for post-surgical care is the website of Dr. Lawrence Kotlow, a Pediatric Dental Specialist in New York.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 306-525-0116.

Dental work and Pregnancy

Studies have found that obtaining dental care, whether regular cleanings, placement of fillings, teeth extractions, imaging, or other procedures, is safe during pregnancy. Proper oral hygiene using fluoridated toothpaste, chewing sugar-free gum, and eating small amounts of nutritious food throughout the day helps minimize the risk of oral diseases or caries.  Vomiting can bring up acid from the stomach. After vomiting, a pregnant woman should rinse her mouth with water mixed with 1 tsp of baking soda, or just plain water, to get rid of the acid. Brushing teeth should be postponed for an hour after vomiting to minimize dental erosion.  A mother who has poor oral health has a greater chance of transmitting cavity-causing bacteria to her newborn, even when the newborn doesn’t have teeth. Adults can transmit caries-causing bacteria to children in their households through common activities, such as tasting hot food before letting their child eat it or putting a pacifier in their mouth to clean it off. This can affect children’s primary and permanent teeth.