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Dr. Dennis Dodds

We are located in downtown Regina, on the 5th floor of the Royal Bank office tower.  Downtown Dental Centre offers all general dental services. 

Regina Dental Services. Dental Implants,
Fillings or Teeth Cleaning

Dr. Dennis Dodds and his team perform many dental services including:

Dentist in ReginaDentist in Regina Dentist in Regina

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Dentist Regina Hours

Monday & Tuesday
7:30am – 3:00pm
Wednesday & Thursday
7:30am – 4:00pm
8:00am – 3:30pm

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Please review Our Services for details and check out Resources page for videos and tips. Be sure to Meet the Doctor and the Team behind Downtown Dental in Regina.

We want your visit to our dental office to be a positive one. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you, your family and friends.

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