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Regina Dentist Testimonial

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In the years I have been utilizing your services, I have always found everyone to be very polite, courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. The environment and atmosphere you provide is very pleasant, making us feel comfortable in receiving our care. My family and I are very satisfied with your office and the services you provide.

We all look forward to continuing our relationship with your office well into the future.

Thanks for all that you do.


Our baby was almost colicky for the first three weeks of his life, sometimes crying for hours during the night. The public nurses pointed to something in our son’s mouth on their first visit, and at a follow up I asked  what they saw and they showed me his “minor” tongue tie. Every doctor and nurse I consulted thought it was minor, but I trusted my instincts and looked up tongue tie online.

There it outlined how all his behaviors could be associated with tongue tie … At my request, one nurse finally pointed me to your practice, explaining that the dentist would use a 0.5 micron laser as opposed to holding my baby down and going at him with a pair of scissors like the surgeons! My partner called your office and our consultation was booked for several days later. It turns out that my son’s extreme symptoms related to the fact that he not only had a tongue tie, but also a lip tie which compounded the situation and which had gone unnoticed by the medical professionals.

The entire staff at downtown dental was incredible, highly professional, competent and compassionate. I had no sooner retreated to the waiting room when I was called back to comfort my baby – I was offered the room to breast feed and sooth him. We did all of the post operative exercises and my son was a different baby within days. He began to have fun sticking out his tongue, something that had eluded him until then, and he no longer suffered from projectile vomit and gas! Everyone slept better. We are ever grateful for the experience.

Tanya, Doug and Ayden


My clients and I are so pleased you can actually help them out. So many of my Moms would have discontinued breastfeeding if it were not for your clinic!. Our goal in Public Health obviously is to prevent illness and promote healthy lifestyle, thus breastfeeding , with its many proven benefits, ensures our babies get the best start in life. The fact you are able to provide this service in a timely manner is thanks enough ….

PS… My clients have nothing but praise for the staff at your clinic and the care they  received. Many were apprehensive regarding the procedure but say their fears were quickly put to rest by your caring and competent staff. Give yourselves “ a pat on the back !”

Debbie L,


I just wanted to send a quick update almost 2 weeks after the lip and tongue tie procedure that we had done at your office for our little Gavin.The first week was tough for him, especially since he had a cold as well. But we have been doing his little exercises and he doesn’t get quite so upset with me when we do them now. After two days of not nursing after the procedure, he finally started up again and has been nursing exclusively ever since.

He is gaining weight like a little champ, and ever since he started nursing again, he latches so much better and he rarely spits up or projectile vomits anymore. He is a much happier baby as well. He used to scream and fuss most of the day, but the past few days have been such a big change for him.  I have never seen our baby it like this. He is a new person!  He will happily sleep in his sling now, and is sleeping a bit better at night. I believe this is all due to the fact that he can latch and nurse better.I can’t thank Dr. C and all of the staff who were so amazing from the first email until we walked out the door after the frenectomies.

You made us feel so calm about the whole situation and I have told many people about your office since then.I am also excited that the ties have been fixed for his whole oral health as well as his speech into the future. I feel that my crappy experience of not knowing what was wrong with my baby to having a doctor laugh in my face when I suggested it could be lip and tongue ties, will hopefully benefit other babies in the future because I will tell anyone with a new baby who has concerns to get it checked out through your office.


On a referral from my own dentist to Downtown Dental Center, I met Dr. Dennis Dodds and his staff. I was there for TMJ and it was bad.

The first appointment was talking about my problem and the propsed treatment plan. He told me it would take approx. 3 years to fix a problem I neglected for approx. 25 years but when we were done, my TMJ would be gone – I would have a wonderful smile and pain free.

Well needless to say, he was dead on – it took 3 years to the day – many times I hated the treatments – there was pain, braces, reconstruction and encouragement. I now have a great mouth, fabulous smile and am pain free. Fabulous dentist – awesome staff – why did I wait so long? I tell everyone who has TMJ problems NOT to be like me – there is hope, treatment and a positive outcome. So many many thanks to Dr. Dodds for his encouragement, and his friendly staff. It was most appreciated.


Dear Dr. Dodds, Dr. Nattrass + Dr. Chandramohan,Thank you all so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to show me around your office and answer all of the questions I had about dentistry. You were all so helpful and welcoming. My time spent in your office throughout my childhood was always enjoyable and your whole team went out of their way to make you feel welcome and like a valued customer! It inspired me to follow your path and choose dentistry as my career path. I will be attending UBC this fall for their DMD program and have you and your team to thank!



I never thought I would be proud of my smile. Friends and family were astonished with the end result. I remember my first appointment a little intimidated by the amount of work required, the time, the commitment and the potential for discomfort. The one thing Dr. Dodds did promise me was a Hollywood smile. I am extremely happy to smile and say that he was true to his word my new smile is amazing.

Thank you Dr. Dodds!


I would recommend them to everyone.

Candice J.

Here are the results of my treatment from my perspective.I have NO facial or jaw pain. I have NO headaches. I am a much more pleasant person to deal with, particularly in the mornings. I get up looking forward to the day ahead, instead of wanting to take Tylenol and crawl back under the covers to wait for the pain to subside. I can both open and close my mouth. I can actually bite into food and chew it thoroughly. My choices of food have widened considerably now that it doesn’t have to be soft. My first steak in two years was at my brother’s cottage on Lake Winnipeg and it was delicious. I am so glad I head about Downtown Dental. I will (and already have) recommended Downtown Dental to others who have TMJ problems.



I have completed my TMJ treatment and the thing I can say is “stay with the program! It may seem like a long process and you will always have a mouthful but it is worth it. I can now start my day off headache free which is something I have not been able to do for a long time”. Thank you to all the staff that was part of my treatment! Thank you for my new & improved smile! To: Dr.Dodds & all the wonderful staff. Thank you all for taking such good care of me- from my whitening to getting my new crowns on. I am very happy with the results & with the great service.

Lori N.

Clean, bright, spotless, cheerful, professional.

Shirley C

You are always just grand.

Allison G.

Dr.Dodds made my whole experience at Downtown Dental Center a pleasant and rather enjoyable time! He took the time to explain exactly what was going on and he made sure that I understood. I enjoyed my visits there to the upmost level and I give my thanks to Dr.Dodds and all the staff at the Downtown Dental Office.


I started seeing Dr.Dodds in late 2007 upon the recommendation of my family dentist. I was in a car accident in Jan 2005 where I received whiplash due to a double impact. Symptoms started off gradually at first. By April 2005 I noticed a subtle shift in my teeth; by the end of 2005 I noticed a clicking in my jaw when I chewed, and some headaches and swelling in my jaw. I put it off as I needing my wisdom teeth removed, and didn’t contact a dentist due to my phobia of needles. Throughout 2006 and 2007 my symptoms got progressively, and unfortunately worse.

The clicking in my jaw was so pronounced others could hear it easily, the swelling had gotten worse. I was having almost daily headaches and neck pain; whenever I would yawn my jaw would lock open, and in order to unlock it I would have to wiggle and press on my jaw until it went back with a horrible grinding/crushing sound. My teeth had also shifted quite a bit from where they had been after I have my braces removed in 1999.

I finally made an appointment with my family dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed. I wasn’t sleeping well, easting was uncomfortable. My quality of life was going downhill, fast. It was actually Dr.Cottenie who asked me if I had ever been in a car accident where I sustained a neck injury. He said my symptoms were more than likely a result of that. He recommended Downtown Dental Centre.

I was relieved when Dr.Dodds did his examination and told me he could help me. Relief at last! However the cost was staggering to me, and I knew my work plan would not cover me. Dr.Dodds helped me to file a claim with SGI and I eventually reclaimed some of my costs.

I began treatment in early 2008. Dr.Dodds had informed me that within a few weeks of wearing my splint I would start to feel relief, and notice less clicking and headaches. He was right! My symptoms diminished rapidly.

In Jan 2009 I moved into phase 2 which involved twin blocks; they were uncomfortable and awkward but they held my jaw in place and my snoring went away! I wore the twin blocks until May and then was fitted with a metal brace along the top of my mouth to hold my teeth in place. I then received braces on my top teeth, to correct my over bite and to help hold my jaw in place. I received braces on the bottom teeth in September 2010.

My treatment with Dr.Dodds has been extensive, long, sometimes uncomfortable and expensive but worth every penny. Just to be able to chew without discomfort and go through my day without fearing my jaw would lock or fear of blinding headaches. My treatment should be complete sometime around November 2011, and I will be sad in a way, the staff at Downtown Dental have been so wonderful and accommodating. Dr.Dodds always explained, carefully, and in layman’s terms, exactly what he was doing and why he was doing it. If he was unsatisfied with something he would try something else.

I have, and will continue to recommend the dental clinic to others. The pain and discomfort I have been saved from have been absolutely worth it! Thank-you to everyone at the Downtown Dental Centre!

Absolutely the best dentist and staff I’ve seen. Staff always cheerful, helpful and professional.

Tim Z.

Love how they know you by name and greet you!

Leona P.

My hygienist was excellent! Good information and timely.

Kelly C.

Barb is so terrific and reception is exceptional.

Nancy K.

Dr. C. was forthcoming, compassionate, amazing, kind, GREAT!

Olivia A.

(Office is) Clean, and Dr. Dodds and receptionist are fantastic!

Sharon S

I wanted to send you a thank you for the frenectomy I had done on my 8 month old daughter 2 weeks ago. It has almost finished healing and is doing really well. And most importantly to me, she has been able to nurse so much easier. The first day was awful, she refused to nurse again after leaving your office, as I think her tongue was quite sore. After 6 hours of refusing to nurse, we gave her a cold bottle that evening, and put her to sleep. But everyday after the first day has been dramatically better. I realize it’s not as common to do the procedure on an older baby, but it has made a huge difference and I appreciate your part in this.

When I suspected a tongue tie might be the cause of our nursing issues I called my public health nurse to ask for some help. Because my daughter was older (8 months) she said that many babies self-wean at this age, and consoled me on the fact that I wasn’t ready for this and encouraged me to allow the nursing to end and just feed her lots of food. (Now I wonder how many of those early-self-weaning babies are just tongue tied!)  I am an avid breastfeeder because of all the health benefits to both mom and baby, so I refused to accept her advice so quickly, and continued my search for help. Both La Leche League and a friend recommended your office for a consult. Your receptionist was helpful and friendly, and warned me that because my daughter was older, Dr.Dodd might not be able to perform the procedure. In the end he was able to and it has made all the difference.

For months before coming in my daughter was extremely picky about the position we nursed in, laying down on a bed was about the only way she would eat. In the last few weeks before coming in, even that position was not always working for us, and I could tell my milk supply was beginning to be affected. She was also not sleeping through the night as well as she had been and was much crankier during the day. She had always been a healthy weight (95th percentile) which is why I didn’t suspect a tongue tie until much later on.

It’s now 2 months since the procedure and my milk supply has increased again, we can nurse in any position and she is happy and sleeping through the nights much better!

Thank you! I will be bringing all my future children to you for a consult as newborns, just to be sure we don’t discover a tongue tie issue later on