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Tongue Tie Procedure

Also known as Frenectomy Procedure

Tongue Tied Frenectomy Procedures Regina
A frenectomy or Tongue Tie Procedure is the removal of a frenum in the mouth.  A frenum is a muscular attachment between two tissues that causes a person to be tongue tied. There are three frenums that may require frenectomies: the upper lip, lower lip, and the tongue. The tongue may have an anterior, or in some cases, a less obvious posterior tongue tie.  A soft tissue laser is used for the procedure so there is no incision, therefore less risk of infection.  It is a short procedure with very little risk to the patient. A tongue or lip tie should be considered one factor that may interfere with proper function; consequently we hope for improved function after a frenectomy is performed but this cannot be guaranteed.  Follow up exercises are mandatory so that the frenum does not grow back.  See Resources for those exercises.

Infant frenectomies, sometimes known as tongue ties, can be performed on newborns up till the age of 8 months.  Upper Lip Frenectomy Procedures ReginaBecause of their age, no anesthetic is given for this age group. We don’t want to introduce foreign substances into their body, and the amount of discomfort and time it takes to administer the local anesthetic would be longer and more uncomfortable than the procedure itself.  It is also important for the infant to breastfeed immediately after the tongue tie procedure and that cannot be done if the infant is numb. After the age of 5, anesthetic may be used.

Review our Frenectomy FAQ’s.

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