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Tongue Tie Procedure

Also known as Frenectomy Procedure

Tongue Tied Frenectomy Procedures Regina
A frenectomy or Tongue Tie Procedure is the removal of a frenum in the mouth.  A frenum is a muscular attachment between two tissues that causes a person to be tongue tied. There are three frenums that may require frenectomies: the upper lip, lower lip, and the tongue. The tongue may have an anterior, or in some cases, a less obvious posterior tongue tie.  A soft tissue laser is used for the procedure so there is no incision, therefore less risk of infection.  It is a short procedure with very little risk to the patient. A tongue or lip tie should be considered one factor that may interfere with proper function; consequently we hope for improved function after a frenectomy is performed but this cannot be guaranteed.  Follow up exercises are mandatory so that the frenum does not grow back.  See Resources for those exercises.

Infant frenectomies, sometimes known as tongue ties, can be performed on newborns up till the age of 8 months.  Upper Lip Frenectomy Procedures ReginaBecause of their age, no anesthetic is given for this age group. We don’t want to introduce foreign substances into their body, and the amount of discomfort and time it takes to administer the local anesthetic would be longer and more uncomfortable than the procedure itself.  It is also important for the infant to breastfeed immediately after the tongue tie procedure and that cannot be done if the infant is numb. After the age of 5, anesthetic may be used.

Review our Frenectomy FAQ’s.

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Post Procedure Feedback

Our baby was almost colicky for the first three weeks of his life, sometimes crying for hours during the night. The public nurses pointed to something in our son's mouth on their first visit, and at a follow up I asked what they saw and they showed me his "minor" tongue tie. Every doctor and nurse I consulted thought it was minor, but I trusted my instincts and looked up tongue tie online. There it outlined how all his behaviors could be associated with tongue tie ... At my request, one nurse finally pointed me to your practice, explaining that the dentist would use a 0.5 micron laser as opposed to holding my baby down and going at him with a pair of scissors like the surgeons! My partner called your office and our consultation was booked for several days later. It turns out that my son's extreme symptoms related to the fact that he not only had a tongue tie, but also a lip tie which compounded the situation and which had gone unnoticed by the medical professionals. The entire staff at downtown dental was incredible, professional, competent and compassionate. I had no sooner retreated to the waiting room when I was called back to comfort my baby - I was offered the room to breast feed and sooth him. We did all of the post operative exercises and my son was a different baby within days. He began to have fun sticking out his tongue, something that had eluded him until then, and he no longer suffered from projectile vomit and gas! Everyone slept better. We are ever grateful for the experience.

Tanya, Doug and Ayden April 10, 2018

I wanted to send you a thank you for the frenectomy I had done on my 8m old daughter 2 weeks ago. It has almost finished healing and is doing really well. And most importantly to me, she has been able to nurse so much easier. The first day was awful, she refused to nurse again after leaving your office, as I think her tongue was quite sore. In the end we gave her a cold bottle that evening, but every day after that has been dramatically better. I realize it's probably not as common to do the procedure on an older baby, but it has made a huge difference and I appreciate your part in this.

Ashley April 10, 2018

My son had his frenectomy when he was almost 12 weeks old. He had his tongue tie clipped in the hospital and I thought everything was fine. And then he wasn't gaining
weight fast enough. After he had his lip and tongue tie lasered his feeding changed. He was able to feed more efficiently and longer and began to gain weight. The exercises were hard on a parent to do- we were warned that since our child was 12 weeks old that he may remember the exercises and what was going to happen. My advice is to make sure that all caregivers take part in doing to exercises so that the child doesn't just associate them with one parent. AU in all, I would do it again in a heartbeat. The office was very helpful and supportive and all of our questions/concerns were answered.

Tasha April 10, 2018

The procedure went fine. The exercises were pretty easy to do once I got used to them. I would make a point to massage it before switching from one breast to the other instead of completely after the feed so that she could sooth herself by sucking after completing the exercises. Her latch did improve but I think if we would have gotten it done sooner, earlier than 8 weeks old she would have not developed poor sucking habits. She was still experiencing difficulties completely draining the breast and about 4 months I started to pump to assist her with draining the breast because my supply started to decrease. At this point (almost 5 months) I latch her on once at night but the rest of the day, I pump and feed it to her.

Leanne April 10, 2018

I just wanted to let you know that Jane recovered so quickly from the frenectomy and is already feeding better, sleeping better, and happier than ever! Please pass on my thanks- this made a huge positive impact on our whole family!

Samantha April 10, 2018

I found your staff very friendly and cheerful, but I think a few things could have been done differently. When the dental assistant handed me the "straight jacket" to put my daughter in, I wasn't sure how to use it. I'd never used one of those before and it didn't look big enough to fit my daughter. And when I asked the assistant for some help, she didn't help me but instead said something along the lines of, "you just stuff her in." So perhaps the staff could help parents put their kids in the.

jacket April 10, 2018

I would have liked to have been in the room with my daughter while she received the treatment. I didn't like leaving my infant alone with strangers and just trusting them to handle her properly. I don't mean to be offensive, but there is a difference between handing your baby off to a doctor or a nurse and handing her off to a dental assistant who may or may not handle a newborn with care.

The dentist recommended that I "clip" the tongue tie and the upper lip. I didn't feel like the tongue was really necessary because my daughter could stretch her tongue out well past her lips but I just wanted my daughter to feed better so I agreed. In the end, the lip clip and the tongue clip procedures didn't improve my daughter's latch and I still had difficulties nursing and a lot of nipple pain. So unfortunately it wasn't a positive experience for either my daughter or myself.

Julie April 10, 2018

We received this initial email...

I am writing you regarding my 6 1/2-week-old son Gavin. He has had a tough go pretty much since day one, until recently when I realized through a doula friend that he has an upper lip frenum tie. She sent me tons of information and it sounded exactly like our baby. After a day or so of pumping milk for him a couple of days ago, I realized that the upper left tie is causing tons of problems. His reflux, green mucousy stools, spitting up, crying and never sleeping have all subsided since I started to pump. He must now be getting more milk and also more hindmilk.

He is in the middle of his six week growth spurt and I'm very challenged to keep up to his demand through pumping; we are both exhausted and want to give breast-feeding as much of a chance to work as possible. Everyone is telling me to just switch to formula, but I have breast-fed two other children to a year old and I know this could possibly help for our third child here.<

And the post-op update..

"I just wanted to send a quick update almost 2 weeks after the lip and tongue tie procedure that we had done at your office for our little Gavin.

The first week was tough for him, especially since he had a cold as well. But we have been doing his little exercises and he doesn't get quite so upset with me when we do them now. After two days of not nursing after the procedure, he finally started up again and has been nursing exclusively ever since. He is gaining weight like a little champ, and ever since he started nursing again, he latches so much better and he rarely spits up or projectile vomits anymore. He is a much happier baby as well. He used to scream and fuss most of the day, but the past few days have been such a big change for him. I have never seen our baby like this. He is a new person! He will happily sleep in his sling now, and is sleeping a bit better at night. I believe this is all due to the fact that he can latch and nurse better.

I can't thank the doctor and all of the staff who were so amazing from the first email until we walked out the door after the frenectomies. You made us feel so calm about the whole situation and I have told many people about your office since then.

I am also excited that the ties have been fixed for his whole oral health as well as his speech into the future. I feel that my crappy experience of not knowing what was wrong with my baby to having a doctor laugh in my face when I suggested it could be lip and tongue ties, will hopefully benefit other babies in the future because I will tell anyone with a new baby who has concerns to get it checked out through your office.

R.T April 10, 2018

My daughter Rowan had her upper lip, lower lip and tongue tie's lasered when she was 6 weeks old. She is now 6 months old and is doing great. Her symptoms of her ties were having milk leak out of her mouth when nursing, making clicking sounds and screaming in pain from getting so much air from an improper latch after every nursing session and also I was having pain during nursing. It wasn't an immediate fix for us and it was probably a good 2 months before the clicking was gone and we were having pain free nursing. I'm not going to lie the stretches were horrible but all of it was so worth it. Having her ties fixed saved our breastfeeding relationship and speaking as a mom who also has a 3 years old who's tongue tie went undiagnosed as a baby and he is now living with gerd, speech delay, chronic cough and choking on food I am so happy we got my baby girls ties fixed while she is a baby so we can avoid all of these potential problems in the future. Dr.0 was amazing and explained everything thoroughly and made us feel so comfortable. I didn't worry about my baby once while she was in her care. I highly recommend this clinic to all parents needing a frenectomy for their child.

Lindsay April 10, 2018

When my lactation consultant confirmed that my two week old baby was tongue tied and required a frenectomy my first reaction was relief, FINALLY we had an answer for my son's poor latch and there was something we could do to fix it! After the relief wore off and I'd had time to do a little bit of research the fear set in... my poor baby was going to have the skin tying his tongue and lip sliced open by a flesh burning laser! I was terrified, but I knew it had to be done if I wanted to continue to breast feed my son, as a perk, it would also eliminate risk of a speech impediment and tooth gap as he grows. My doctor gave me a few options for dental clinics closer to me, but assured me that Downtown Dental was his number one recommendation. I phoned the clinic and they fit me in the very next day!

From the moment I walked in the door I knew why my doctor recommended this specific clinic. The ladies at the reception desk were warm & welcoming and when my son started fussing after the four hour drive, they were quick to accommodate me with a room to nurse & change his diaper in.

I felt much more calm retreating to the waiting room after chatting with her! The procedure itself took less than a minute and as if the staff wasn't already amazing, when I got back to the room one of the assistants was snuggling and comforting my baby. They truly went above and beyond, making a difficult procedure much more bearable for mom & baby!

And the purpose of this all? He now has a PERFECT latch! Nursing is no longer a painful experience for either of us! We were given instructions to complete some exercises and after only a week of these his mouth looked completely healed! I'm sorry for such a long review but I just can't say enough great stuff about our experience with Downtown Dental, I would recommend them EVERY time.

April 10, 2018