Why should you consider dental implants? We all know how important a nice appearance is; it improves our confidence and makes us feel good about ourselves. Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t like to smile for the family photo because you’ve never been happy with your smile. Or you’d like to greet that client with a hearty hello, but don’t feel confident about your smile. In extreme cases, we’ve even had patients tell us they stopped working and didn’t leave the house anymore because they were too embarrassed about the state of their mouth.

Dental implants may be the answer. They can be used to replace a single missing tooth or to anchor a bridge or denture. Because they integrate into your bone structure, they are strong, durable, and allow you to function as you would with natural healthy teeth.

It begins with a consultation with Dr. Dennis Dodds, who has been placing implants since 2005. He  will look at several factors that would make you a good candidate for implants such as being a non-smoker, and having good bone structure and overall good oral health. If any of these are less than perfect, don’t worry! It may take a few appointments to get your mouth in good shape prior to placing the implant(s), possibly with hygiene appointments and bone grafting (creating stronger support for the implant to blend into). Smoking inhibits the healing process so it can definitely increase any likelihood of failure. You should discuss these issues prior to agreeing to any treatment.


The cost of an implant will range from $3000-5000 per tooth. The cost varies depending on whether the implant is attaching to a denture or is receiving a crown, and whether or not grafting is necessary. While this cost sounds astonishingly high, it can mean virtually a new lease on life. Not only will your appearance improve, your confidence will soar, you will be able to eat anything you choose to (no more wiggly dentures!), and you’ll never have to worry about smiling in those family photos or selfies! Payments are made incrementally, so the cost is not necessarily all at one appointment, allowing you to plan your finances. Our treatment coordinator will discuss your treatment plan and all related costs with you. She is available to answer any and all of your questions surrounding your treatment.

Investigate the possibility of dental implants and realize you are worth the investment!